Ariana Grande Fan Goes Too Far Sending Singer Seriously Strange Gifts

Ariana Grande

Poor Ariana Grande. No matter what she does, she just can't shake this reputation that she's a diva and not nice to her devoted fans. But sometimes fans take things a tad too far, and safety has to come first. So we feel for Ariana that she has what seems to be a stage five clinger on her hands.


According to TMZ, Ariana has been receiving an abundance of WEIRD gifts from a 29-year-old fan by the name of Tim Normandin from Lowell, MA. Things found in packages he sent to Ariana include:

- a 42.5 pound pumpkin
- 8 Yankee candles
- Dog and cat calendars
- 3-piece mirror set from Kmart
- $200 anklet from Kay Jewelers
- A rock from the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Not exactly your typical flowers or fan letter, and it definitely makes sense why Ariana's team was concerned enough to notify the police. The cops showed up at Tim's house and warned him that if he didn't stop sending these packages that he would face criminal harassment charges.

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I hope that Ariana's fans as well as those who are skeptical of Arianna understand that there's a huge difference between just refusing to take a selfie or sign an autograph for innocent fans and fearing for your life! A 29-year-old sending those gifts makes it even creepier -- what does he want that rock to symbolize?

Full disclosure. When I was in the 7th grade, I painstakingly made a care package to send to the New Kids on the Block. I spray painted a t-shirt with a peace sign, something I had seen all the guys wearing on their t-shirts and jeans at some point and found a necklace that symbolized good luck. Later I realized I was sending one necklace and one t-shirt for five guys to share and beat myself up over how inconsiderate that was. Apparently I didn't offend them because a few weeks later I received a manufactured thank you note and invite to join the NKOTB fan club (which I did, immediately).
My point is, it's a rite of passage in a way when you're a tween/teen to have your first big celebrity crush and try to get their attention in innocent ways like fan mail. But guys like Tim who take it a step too far is not doing this innocently and need to be stopped. Here's hoping that Ariana gets some peace and maybe even appreciates her more "normal" fans a little more after this!
What do you think is an appropriate way to reach out to stars -- if at all?

Image via Instragram/ArianaGrande
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