Demi Moore is Supposedly Obsessed with Ashton Kutcher's New Baby

Demi Moore Ashton Kutcher Mila KunisAshton Kutcher and Mila Kunis must be over the moon with the arrival of their baby girl, Wyatt. But supposedly there are unseen forces at work, trying to tear apart the relationship, trying to take Wyatt away from Mila's cosy bosom. Actually, according to the National Enquirer, those forces aren't unseen. They've been seen, and they look a lot like Demi Moore! Dah-dun-duuuuun. Yes, according to the gossip magazine, Demi is obsessed with baby Wyatt and is forcefully inserting herself into the happy couple's life with their sweet cherub. And, yeah, I'm pretty sure I don't believe this bizarre rumor either, but let's hear it, 'cause it's majorly weird gossip.


Who even knew that Ashton and Demi still talk, but according to National Enquirer, Demi is burning up the phone lines for updates on Wyatt. Says a source:

Demi is forever calling and texting for updates on Wyatt. It’s driving Mila nuts!

And then, according to this source, Demi even came into their house uninvited and was standing there holding Wyatt. Here's how it supposedly went down:

It freaked Mila out when she found Demi holding her baby in their house. Mila's told Demi to stay away from her baby -- and to leave them all alone!

Kinda scary. Like Demi is going all Hand That Rocks the Cradle on Mila. If only I believed one word of it.

But these things do happen occasionally -- an ex gets overly involved in her ex and new honey's life -- and even inserts herself into the life of the new baby. I mean, I guess they happen? I have personally never witnessed this, but these soap opera plots must be based on something, right?

If anything like this is going on, Ashton really needs to put his foot down and tell Demi to give Mila some space. And maybe he needs to take out a restraining order.

Or maybe he needs to hang this story up on his wall so he can look at it whenever he needs a good laugh.

Do you think this is true?

Image via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images Entertainment

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