Iggy Azalea's Amazing Halloween Costume Sends a Message to Snoop Dogg (PHOTO)

She who can laugh at herself and her frenemies always gets the last laugh. Iggy Azalea just became my number one favorite celebrity in the world -- her insanely amazing Halloween costume is not only hilarious in its own right, but it also pokes fun at rapper Snoop Dogg, who has been a total drama queen lately with all the insults and that silly photo he posted on his Instagram in a failed attempt to humiliate the Australian rapper.

Iggy not only accepted Snoop's apology with class and dignity, she also showed she's truly not affected by his immature comments by dressing like Marlon Wayans' character from White Chicks -- after Snoop took a dig at her and said she resembled the stereotypical blonde.


So, three weeks ago, Snoop posted this photo to his Instagram with the message, "Ok last one n Imma leave the b***h alone!! Hahahahaha So says Todd:"

He just couldn't help himself, I guess?

Well, the only thing Snoop gave Iggy was a great idea. Here she is, dressed as Marlon:

Oh. My. Goodness. Simply amazing.The matching denim skirt and jacket, pink purse, wig -- all of it. But best of all -- Iggy is giving Snoop the middle finger without having to take off her dainty white gloves to actually make the effort.

Well played, Iggy.

What do you think of Iggy's costume and her message to Snoop?


Image via thenewclassic/Instagram


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