Kim Kardashian’s Halloween Costumes Cause – What Else -- Drama (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian isn’t a woman who does anything halfway. It looks like that applies to her Halloween costumes, as well, because Mrs. West didn’t just opt for one elaborate costume – she celebrated the holiday with two costumes that couldn’t have been more different from one another.

Kim started off the day as something we’re guessing she’d actually like to be, given her 24/7 weight-loss talk. She chose a super-warm skeleton onesie, complete with quite an impressive and scary makeup job. And when it came time for a costume change, Kim got North involved and stuck her in a costume that made her a total Kim prop -- a move that some are saying is inappropriate for a child.


Let’s start with the drama.

We know Kim idolizes Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour, so it isn’t surprising that she chose to dress up in the fashion legend’s trademark Chanel dress suit, with oversized sunglasses and what I’m betting is a custom-made light brown bob wig. And, since Anna doesn’t go anywhere without her sidekick Andre Leon Talley, Kim draped a ghoulish black cape that probably cost a million dollars on – who else – little North. Check it out:

North doesn’t look very happy, does she? Then again, how many little ones actually know what is going on during Halloween? So, some of Kim’s critics are saying she has made the holiday all about her and that North should be wearing an Elsa or angel costume, yada, yada, yada. But, seriously, a child her age doesn’t actually choose her own costume, so I don’t see how this is very different from putting bunny ears on her. This is all a part of Kim’s world – and it will be a part of North’s world one day. It’s funny – for them, at least.

Anyway, for the record, this wasn’t North’s only costume, either. She also dressed up as the cutest little skunk you’ve ever seen – and this will, hopefully, put an end to all the silly criticisms:

Lastly, here’s Kim’s skeleton costume, which most folks haven’t had much to say about – yet:


And we hear Kim may have appeared at some point in two more costumes, but there’s no photographic proof of that – yet. Seriously, how did she even find time in the day for all of these costumes?

What do you think of Kim’s costumes? Do you think it was appropriate for her to dress North as Andre Leon Talley?


Images via kimkardashian/Instagram

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