Donald Faison Says Pregnant Wife CaCee Cobb's Morning Sickness Is 'Bull'

CaCee Cobb, Donald FaisonDid Donald Faison just commit the unforgivable sin and deny that morning sickness exists -- while his wife is pregnant, no less? The Scrubs actor chatted up Us Weekly recently, about married life and parenting with his bride CaCee Cobb (Jessica Simpson's BFF), who is currently expecting the couple's second child.

He said he tries to "pamper" his wife, especially as she deals with the morning sickness, which he called "bulls--t." Don't worry though, he's all sympathy when it comes to caring for his nauseated wife. He just thinks the term morning sickness is crap because it's really "all day sick."


"I am ecstatic [we are expecting]," the actor said on Oct. 27 at an Exes cast event in Los Angeles. "This time, it was a little harder on her as far as morning sickness went -- and that term, 'morning sickness,' is bulls--t. [It's] all day sick."

He also joked that he's naturally bad at spoiling his wife because he's "never been good at pampering anyone [because he's] an actor." He said, "Automatically, the first thing we think about is ourselves," but he also gushed about how awesome he thinks CaCee is.

"I have nothing but respect for her because I know how difficult it was for me during those first three months, so I can only imagine how difficult it is for her," he confessed. Heh, what was he saying about actors thinking about themselves?

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The couple will celebrate their second wedding anniversary next month, and are already proud parents to 14-month-old son Rocco. Faison seems to be loving the dad thing, especially as this little guy is starting to come out of the baby stage.

"[He's] getting into everything [right now]. He's your typical 14-month-old. He's really starting to communicate with us now too which is really cool to see," he dished.

Kid is smart too -- and has already figured out how to play his parents. "The kid throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his way now, and that's like, wow. [It's like], 'You realize that we don't like to see you cry, so you're willing to pull it out of your ass and bring the tears, bring the water works until you get what you want' ... I try not to [give in], but I'm a softie for him. And I want to say CaCee's not a softie. If we were to play good cop, I'm good cop, she's bad cop."

Aww, sounds like he's already got being a doting dad down pat.

Do you think morning sickness should be called all-day sickness?


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