Jake Gyllenhaal's Funny 'Water War' Game With Jimmy Fallon Ruined By His Gross Antics (VIDEO)

I like Jake Gyllenhaal -- his acting, his looks, his sister, most of the interviews I've seen him do, and even his taste in women. Heck, I even like songs about him even though I pretend to not like Taylor Swift's music. So I was excited to check out his appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night. They were going to play a little game called Water War. Sounds like something sinister could be going down. It was all in good fun with the guys being a bit evil to each other, but then Jake went and did something really disgusting ... twice.


He spit. Spitting is one of the most vile things someone can do in front of someone else or in public. The fact Jake did it twice on TV is a bit shocking. He's 33 years old. Did he really have to spit? I get there was water thrown and all, but wasn't there a better, more discrete way to get it out of his mouth? The first time he did it was awful enough, but then he did it again. The second time Jimmy scolds him for it -- with a smile, but you could tell Fallon was thinking, What in the heck, Jake?!

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The spitting almost made me not want to watch the whole Water War game to the end, but it is worth it. They both get each other good, but I think the most laughs came when Jimmy placed the playing cards over his nipples because his shirt was soaked, making it see-through. Wet man's-shirt contest!

I still wish Jake didn't spit all over the stage in full view of the audience and everyone watching on TV. Gross, Jake. Really gross.

What do you think of Jake's spitting? Disgusting or no big deal?

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