Kate Middleton Reportedly Being Cruelly Bullied by Queen Elizabeth

Kate Middleton

The fact that she's managed to pull herself together enough to perform some of her royal duties is admirable, given her extreme morning sickness, but a new report suggests that Kate Middleton is being bullied by Queen Elizabeth to get back to work even though her pregnancy is clearly taking its toll.

According to Life & Style, an insider says, "The Queen had been unimpressed with the amount of official business Kate has missed out on. She feels enough is enough. Duty comes first, and it was time for Kate to step up the plate."


Gah. I'm sure it can't be easy for the Queen to truly understand what dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum is like, you know, since she did not suffer from it herself. But something tells me Kate would love nothing more than to proudly display her baby bump at royal appearances versus praying to the porcelain God morning, noon, and night.

But despite the Queen allegedly pressuring Kate to suck it up and put on a happy face for the eager public, supposedly Prince William is being quite sensitive to his ailing wife, which is a huge relief.

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The source adds, "William actually feels like she should have more bed rest. Even if it's against his grandmother's wishes. He's just concerned about her and baby number two being healthy. He doesn't want anything to jeopardize that."

(Aww. That Wills. Whatta guy.)

And while we probably shouldn't put too much weight into this report since we have no idea what goes on behind Palace doors, if the Queen really is even slightly annoyed with Kate taking some time off, let's just hope she stops and thinks about the situation a little more clearly before deeming her to be a lazy Duchess.

Even if she never had to contend with morning sickness, she should think back to a time when she was severely under the weather with unbearable nausea. Something tells me if she put herself in Kate's shoes, the last thing on her mind would be putting on a brave face to please the masses.

Do you think the Queen is being too hard on Kate?


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