Dean McDermott Slams 'Haters' Who Question His Sex Shop Rendezvous

Dean McDermottIt's probably safe to say that Dean McDermott hasn't made the wisest choices when it comes to his marriage with Tori Spelling. You know, like that whole decision to cheat on her. Not good, Dean, not good.

With everything going on in their marriage -- the affair, the financial hardships, Tori's hospitalization for bronchitis (or maybe a nervous breakdown?) ... you'd think Dean would know better than to fly into a Twitter rant to defend himself for shopping for sex toys.


But no. This is temperamental, impulsive Dean we're talking about. When someone tweeted him, "Wife is laid up in the hospital & you have time to go to a Adult Store. When they called you a Scumbag, That's being nice," the Chopped Canada star let loose with the F-bombs.

"I bought a gag gift to make her laugh," he replied. "All you haters need to F--K OFF!! I've had it with you a---oles. GO F--K YOURSELVES."

Hmm. But wait! There's more.

When the same user replied again to call him on his "BULLS**T," Dean then turned to threats. "Who the FUCK do you think you are? Any time any place pal. You hide behind your bullshit twitter name. Show urself prick."

Well OK then. The True Tori star then signed off social media forever, saying he was "done with this social media s--t."

OK, maybe not forever-forever. Dean tweeted one more time after that, back to the same user, who goaded him by telling him to "worry about the Prick in the mirror." The seemingly enraged reality star responded, "That's lame you f---ing coward."

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Ugh. Dean! First of all, when your wife is tied up to a hospital bed tweeting, "I've finally faced truth that 1 person will never be there 4 me," it does not mean she wants you to buy her a gag gift from the sex toy store.

Second, this is just the sort of erratic, impulsive behavior that always seems to get you in trouble.

Maybe a social media break is exactly what Dean and Tori need to get their priorities straight. Then again, this is Dean and Tori we're talking about. They sort of seem to thrive on the attention.

Do you think Dean is really off social media for good?


Image via Dean McDermott/Twitter

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