Bruce Jenner's Latest Feminine Look Makes Sex Change Rumors Hard to Deny

Bruce JennerBruce Jenner's 65th birthday was yesterday, and I have a feeling I know what he got himself for his special day. Bruce was spotted out in Malibu driving around in his SUV, and paps caught him with an unusual new look: Bright red fingernails. I'm gonna guess maybe Bruce stopped off at a mani-pedi salon to celebrate his big day. Of course, fire engine red nails are a somewhat unexpected choice -- but maybe not if you're Bruce Jenner!


It was only recently that Kris Jenner was defending her ex-husband against persistent rumors that he's been transitioning to female, calling them "silly" and the same old rumors that have been floating around since the '70s. Wow, if the rumors have been going on this long, maybe Bruce has been a woman all along?! I mean, it's not like every star gets the "he's transitioning to female" rumor. Not even Tom Cruise gets that one!

So, okay, maybe it's "silly." Because a man who wears bright red nail polish (or a French manicure), plumps his lips, wears either a ponytail or a bouffant, tweezes his eyebrows, and wears lip gloss -- this man couldn't possibly be transitioning to female!! (And let's not even count that tracheal shave.)

But there are some people who still just refuse to believe. Many are saying the pic is photoshopped (all of them?!) or that the red-nailed hand holding a cigarette is really a woman sitting next to Bruce. Um, no. If you click through all the photos, you can see he is alone.

Oddly, Bruce is not a smoker so far as anyone knows, so what is up with the cigarette too? Is Bruce just changing everything about himself?

Well, it's Bruce's own business what he does -- but if he's going to wear red nail polish, then he's going to have to expect some lip flapping. Just the way the world works. But we'd love Bruce no matter if he were Bruce or Brigitte!

Do you think red nails are an indicator of anything?


Image via RA, PacificCoastNews

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