Kanye West's Future Plans for North West Are Outrageous Even for Him

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Ha! Remember the whole bit with Kim Kardashian insisting North West will have to work for what she wants in life and will be expected to get a job and all that jazz?

Yeah, well, we probably should've assumed Kim was merely saying that in the hopes of trying to convince the world that Nori will have any sort of "normal" existence.

Oh come on, you know that kid is going to be spoiled up and down for the rest of her life. (How could she not be?)


Get this one -- Kanye West is planning on giving Nori $10 million when she turns 21. Wanna know why?!?

Yep. You guessed it. He doesn't want his little angel to be forced to work one single day in her life, and he figures setting her up as a millionaire will take some of the pressure off.

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According to a source who talked to Hollywood Life:

He's trying to set Nori up where she won't have to work a day in her life. He wants her to create, innovate, and leave her mark on this world. And he's planning for her future as we speak.

He and Kim already put $5 million each into an account for her that she can have free and clear when she turns 21. He's trying to add to that and that chump change in Vegas ain't enough.

Um, seriously? I mean, I guess on the one hand, we really shouldn't be all that shocked that Kim and Kanye are setting up a trust fund for their daughter. But let's just hope they're also planning on instilling a sense of responsibility in her so she doesn't blow it all on clothes, fancy cars, trips, and everything in between once the cash is officially hers.

Ten million dollars is a LOT of money to hand over to a 21-year-old! They might want to think about putting some parameters in place as far as how she's allowed to spend it, at least until they're confident that she'll use it wisely.

On another note, who else thinks being Kim and Kanye's kid sounds pretty darn nice? Man. If only the rest of us had been able to cross financial stress off our list of concerns at such a young age, we'd be a hell of a lot less frazzled.

Do you think $10 million is too much to give to Nori?


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