Tom Hanks Makes Cab Driver's Day & Proves Why He's the Man (PHOTO)

tom hanksThere's something about Tom Hanks that's just so damn likable, isn't there? He's obviously a super-talented actor who's won a crap ton of awards, but he also seems like the kind of guy who's completely unaffected and unfazed by his fame and would love to grab a beer with you at the corner pub. Between making an autistic fan's day to getting fake drunk with some random dudes to taking the time out to answer his fans, he's just an all-around awesome dude.

So no wonder a story is going viral about Tom Hanks and a very lucky taxi cab driver. Not only do fans get an amazing, heartwarming story, they also get one of the best selfies with Hanks ever. Let's let the cab driver tell it in his own words.


Check it out, from the Humans of New York blog:

Way too many things to love about this post. One could even call it a hoax if it weren't for that photo of the cab driver and Hanks. First of all, Hanks didn't start swearing or cussing out the driver for refusing to take him where he wanted to go, which is sadly what most New Yorkers would have done. Nope, instead he said, "Thanks anyway" and went on his way.

Then it gets even more amazing because it seemed that he was so excited and animated when getting into the cab. And he's not fazed by the cabbie screaming, "WIIIIIIILLLSSSSSOOOOOOON!!!" in his face, which he has probably heard one too many times. Nope, instead he laughed and even came up with a nickname for the driver due to the hat and shirt he was donning.

In a strange twist, which has yet to be verified, the cab driver just happened to pick up other actors and folks who worked with Hanks. What a fortunate cab driver! Every time, he asked them to tell Hanks that "Mr. Ferrari says 'hello.'" Then one of his customers texted the driver saying that Hanks invited him to see his Broadway show, bizarrely enough called Lucky Guy. Backstage, while waiting for Hanks in his dressing room, Hanks greeted his cab driver like they were old friends. Lucky guy, indeed. Even if the latter part of this tale isn't true, at least we got a pretty epic selfie out of this. But after reading what Hanks has done in the past, this probably shouldn't surprise anyone in the slightest.

Tom Hanks is the man. Plain and simple.

What has been your favorite Tom Hanks feel-good story?


Image via Twitter

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