Kate Middleton Takes a Harsh Beating From the Royal Family Yet Again

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Ugh. As time goes on, it's becoming perfectly clear that marrying a prince really isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially considering how much grief the poor Duchess of Cambridge has received from his family.

In the latest downright cruel attack on the poor woman, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie are supposedly slamming Kate Middleton to pieces, basically out of sheer resentment and jealousy.

Oh, and apparently Bea and her sis can't stand Pippa Middleton either, but it sounds like Kate is the one they're most annoyed with.


According to Australian Women's Day magazine, their general distaste for Kate goes something like this:

While Kate has been winning hearts around the world, Beatrice and her sister Eugenie have been relegated to attending garden parties and cutting ribbons. Beatrice complains to friends that Kate, the 'Chosen One', 'gets the glamour jobs, the clothing allowance, the limos, and the bodyguards, while I have to travel economy.'

(Dude. Pippa flies coach too. Just sayin'.)

Supposedly Bea also has one other major bone to pick with Kate. The rumor is that she was all set to announce that she's engaged to Dave Clark but was forced to hold off on spilling the beans all thanks to Kate's second pregnancy, which is, like, a way bigger story. 

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Sheesh. I guess on the one hand, it's pretty easy to see where Kate's general likability could create a little envy on the part of the other royal females, but for crying out loud, can't they cut her a break right now, considering what a tough time she's had with her pregnancy so far?

(If these rumors are true, of course.)

Poor Kate. No wonder she's shacking up at her parents' Bucklebury home instead of hanging out at Kensington Palace. With the way the royals are treating her, who can blame her for wanting to keep her distance?

Do you think Beatrice and Eugenie really hate Kate?


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