'1989' -- 11 Pop Culture Hits Born That Year, Besides Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift new album 1989

The wait is finally over! I don't know about you, but I've had "Shake It Off" stuck in my head for MONTHS now. And while I've loved the other tracks that leaked like "Out of the Woods," I'm SO psyched that Taylor Swift's new pop album 1989 has finally been released.

The title 1989 is in honor of the year that Taylor was born, and I have to say, that last year of the '80s was a pretty memorable time in pop culture for a lot of reasons. Some of our favorite TV shows, most iconic albums, and classic movies came alive in 1989. So it's only fitting that in honor of Taylor Swift's birth year and new album, we pay homage to all the other amazing, monumental, and influential things that were "born" into the world of pop culture in 1989!

Flip through to see our picks and then let us know your favorites (and if we're missing anything too!).

Image via TaylorSwift/Instagram


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