Kanye West's Birthday Gift for Kim Kardashian Is Totally Inappropriate

Kanye West and North West

These two just love to flaunt the fact that they swim in a pool of money, don't they? Kanye West's birthday gift for Kim Kardashian is so controversial, that many fans are calling it distasteful and a huge waste of money as well.

While any present from your child is precious and worth keeping forever, this just sounds way too over-the-top and materialistic. With the way Kimye is spending their cash, it's bound to run out one day, right?

(Or maybe not.)


According to the Daily Mail, Kanye thought it would be a good idea for their 16-month-old daughter North West to scribble on a very expensive Hermes Bag to give to her mother as a birthday present. Because that's called HIGH ART, you guys. Kimmy Cakes said:

Kanye had a box, a purse, this Hermes purse, and I opened it and I thought it was so cool. It was all painted really cool and then there was my computer and it said, "Press Play." I pressed play and my daughter was sitting outside painting the purse. I thought it was an artist that painted the purse, some custom thing. I thought it was some new artist, and it was my daughter. It was amazing and I have it all on video.

While I'll admit that the concept is cute and that I too have a lot of things that my kids have created for me, having a toddler destroy a Hermes bag that probably costs as much as a new Toyota Prius is just wrong.

Couldn't they have had North paint on a canvas, frame it, and then donate it to charity for a more worthy cause, or something? These two are totally into high fashion and art, so why not have a little more respect for it?

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But then again, I'll give Kanye and Kim the benefit of the doubt here as far as hoping that they'll cherish the bag as a one-of-a-kind gift that Kim will use for a very long time goes. If this is what the rich kids are doing these days, then so be it. Hey, who are we to criticize?

Do you think Kanye letting North doodle on a Hermes bag is distasteful?

Image via Oraito/Splash News

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