Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Named 'First Family of Fashion'

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Well? We already have the First Family of the White House, the Royal Family of Buckingham Palace, and now there's another fam deserving of a highfalutin title.

Apparently, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and North West have been dubbed the "First Family of Fashion", which you know has to have them all sorts of proud and feeling the need to gloat.

(I guess that's what a closet full of neutral colors will do for you, eh?)


According to E! Online, Kimye and their adorable 16-month-old daughter Nori did more than just turn heads while they were at Paris Fashion Week last month. Prominent fashion journalist Andre Leon Talley had nothing but words of praise for them, despite the fact that their outfits were nothing but ridiculed on most of the gossip blogs for their over-the-top ensembles. He said:

The three were a force of iconic moments as they pivoted aorund Paris, the mecca of fashion during the last fashion shows this month. The Nick and Nora Charles of our time, the LIz and Dick Burton, without the brawls.

In one way, I want to agree that Kim and Kanye are making a difference in the fashion world, but at the same time, their out-and-about style is completely out of touch with reality.

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I mean, what woman wears a satin nightgown to the movie theater or a totally backless top to the grocery store? (Or maybe that's more common out in La-La land than we thought?)

On top of that, I would never put my toddler in a pair of leather jeggings or a pair of combat boots. (Just sayin'.) It might look cute in the pages of a magazine, but let's get real here. Kanye and Kim are no Dick and Liz Burton

Do you think Kim, Kanye and North deserve to be called "The First Family of Fashion?" 

Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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