Jim Carrey Hilariously Spoofs Those Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads on SNL (VIDEO)

Matthew McConaughey got everyone talking about Lincoln recently with his bizarrely compelling ads for the car company. Some people loved them, some people were confused by them, and some people mocked them. First Ellen DeGeneres did, by superimposing herself in the backseat, but on Saturday Night Live this week, host Jim Carrey took the cake with his spot-on impersonation of the Oscar-winning car salesman.

The Dumb and Dumber To star did three spots, including one with Kenan Thompson parodying those Allstate auto insurance commercials.


Carrey spends a good amount of time rubbing his fingers together and pondering complicated questions about life, like why anyone would buy a Lincoln (spoiler -- because they're an uber driver), or who those random kids in the backseat are. There may also be some contemplation over the final destination for his booger.

Each line is perfectly delivered in McConaughey's characteristic southern drawl, and it's basically awesome. 

Do you think Carrey nailed these parodies?


Image via Hulu

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