Kate Middleton's Latest Wardrobe Malfunction Has Queen Elizabeth Enraged

kate middleton

Man, Kate Middleton really can't catch a break lately. (Except for, you know, the whole being the future Queen of England thing.) In addition to suffering her second bout of god-awful morning, noon, and night-sickness; and in addition to supposedly being in Camilla Parker-Bowles crossfire; Kate reportedly annoyed both the Queen and Parker-Bowles when she made one of her first public appearances since announcing her pregnancy.


Last week, the Duchess of Cambridge finally came out of hiding, looking absolutely stunning, flaunting her incredibly tiny baby bump at the Patron of The Natural History Museum Awards. Kate, whose pregnancy glow could be seen from Pluto, wore a light blue gown that was short in the front and long in the back. Evidently, at one point, the wind blew just so, exposing a tiny portion of the Duchess' thigh (I know, pearl clutch!), and Queen E and Camilla were none-too-pleased with her inability to dress appropriately (IE, modestly).

kate middleton

This isn't the first time we're hearing about the Queen not being a fan of Kate's wardrobe choices, but, if this is true, both she and Parker-Bowles ought to cut the Duchess some slack right now. The poor woman has been all but bed-ridden for weeks now -- are they really focusing on a quarter inch of her thigh showing right now? Kate looked beautiful and happy and healthy at her appearance (she must have been thrilled to finally have been out). And, hello, it's 2014. A tiny bit of thigh isn't going to be the demise of the monarchy.

Personally, I'm a fan of Kate pushing the envelope when it comes to stuffy royal style -- especially when she looks this good doing it. Sure, knee-skimming skirts can be pretty, but let's be honest here: They also can be kind of boring.

What do you think of Kate's "risque" outfit?


Images via Arthur Edwards/Sun/GoffPhotos.co/Splash News

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