Lindsay Lohan's Nearly Topless Selfie Doesn't Do Her Any Favors (PHOTO)

Lindsay Lohan can't decide if she wants to be a serious actress or a sex object. At the same time that she is doing something pretty commendable for an actress in this day and age by appearing on stage in London for the first time in the play Speed-the-Plow, she is also acting like a 2010 Kim Kardashian by posting lots of nearly topless selfies that totally contradict, for example, a selfie she took this week of herself (fully dressed and looking beautiful) in front of the charity organization CSV, where she volunteered.

Her latest attempts at being sexy by dressing all the way down for the camera are totally unnecessary for an actress who is not only talented, but bravely taking new steps to further her career.


Let's get to it, shall we? The latest selfie features Lindsay posing in her dressing room, wearing a black lace bra and fedora, her hand (seductively? I'm not sure) grazing her waistband:

Now, I might chalk this one up to just another selfie posted by an actress whose looks garner as much attention as her work. BUT Lindsay goes and mucks up my theory by writing this oddball caption next to her photo: "'We swim in the aquarium of capitalism' @rustyrockets me and @danjradcliffenl @rioferdy5 @thescript @jrossshow now - long week thank you to all of my supporters for being loyal and seeing #speedtheplow god bless"

Is she trying to make a social statement about being sucked into a money-obsessed Hollywood and show business in general? Did she find this quote on a Starbucks cup and feel compelled to share it? Just what is the story here?

I could spend more time throwing out ideas here, but this photo -- posted earlier this week -- convinces me this is just another "sexy Lindsay" selfie and that she doesn't have an ulterior motive:

Okay, this is rather innocent, aside from the fact that the implication here is that she's kind of topless. And giving a come hither look -- though it isn't clear just who the look is for since she's staring at her phone like she wants it to take her to dinner at Mr. Chow.

Like I said, I think Lindsay has real talent. And I've always felt myself pulling for her to get through her madness and not fall off the face of the earth. But these photos don't jive with the image I believe she wants to portray these days. She should continue taking on serious acting roles and showing the world what she's capable of -- and she shouldn't give so much of herself away with revealing selfies.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan can make a comeback as a serious actress?


Image via lindsaylohan/Instagram


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