'Duck Dynasty' Star Jep Robertson Nearly Dies While Hunting

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Duck Dynasty's Jep Robertson had quite a scare when hunting this week. Phil and Kay's youngest son was in the woods and suffered a seizure. Luckily he wasn't out of sight of his friends and family who were in the same area as well. Willie was able to get to him very quickly and he was rushed to the hospital where he still is recovering right now.


A spokesperson for A&E shared:

Earlier this week while deer hunting, Jep suffered from a seizure. Thankfully, he was in the stand with friends, and Willie was at the hunting camp when it occurred so he was by his side in a matter of minutes. Jep was rushed to the hospital and received immediate treatment. He is doing well now, but is still in the hospital for additional tests and observation, and he is being treated with antibiotics to cover a range of possible infections believed to have caused the seizure.

Our family would like to thank everyone for their love and support and ask that you keep Jep, Jessica and their children in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Jep, 36, and his wife Jessica have four kids. How scary this must have been for him, for the whole family. Of course, Jep being Jep he made light of the whole situation tweeting from his hospital bed a photo of himself in a pose much like Steven Seagal in the movie Hard to Kill, which he also showed. The Duckman also tweeted:


Wow. Glad to see he has his sense of humor and is on the mend. I wonder if his niece Sadie will give her uncle a shout-out when she's on Dancing With the Stars on Monday. Jep was on the set of the show to support her on October 6th.

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No matter how you feel about the show or this family, it's clear they are all very supportive of each other. Lots of love and concern in Duckworld -- and it's the love from your family that helps you get through the hard times. Wishing Jep well in his recovery.

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Image via Jep Robertson/Twitter

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