Kim Kardashian Celebrates Her 34th Birthday in Plunging White Dress (PHOTOS)

You’re only 34 once. And, even though Kim Kardashian and her family and crew never need an excuse to wear plunging dresses and hang out in Las Vegas, they actually had a good one this weekend: it’s Mrs. West’s birthday!

Kim and (it seems) every single person she knows on planet Earth jetted over to Sin City and, while wearing their finest, partied until the wee hours of the morning at Tao, which is also one of Khloe’s favorite venues and the same place where Kim held her birthday bash last year.

And then, in true Kardashian fashion, Kim let the entire world in on the details of her extravagant affair – including photos of what we really want to see: (yet another) plunging-down-to-there gown.


I’ll confess that I’m kind of over Kim’s plunging neckline look and get really excited when I spot her wearing a turtleneck because it puts the focus on her pretty face instead of her…other assets. But Kanye’s wife wasn’t going to celebrate her big day without somehow getting her boobs involved, so here we have it, folks – her stunning white dress:

The bottom, with its flattering ruche, is actually super-pretty and feminine, don’t you think? But the top is just – dear God, what is there really left to say here -- just give the woman her own lingerie line already so we can all be in on the secret of how a bra keeps it all together like that.

In other news, Kim’s family all jumped on board a jet for, like, the fifth time this week ...

... And Kanye looked unimpressed as he flashed his trademark scowl ... 

Keep in mind, this Vegas shindig took place just days after the rapper surprised Kim with an island getaway, so maybe he can't even after all of Kim's other birthday festivities. And at least he isn't falling asleep at the party, like he did last year.

I think we know who had the best birthday ever.

What do you think of Kim’s dress and birthday celebration? Over the top or just perfect for her?

Image via David Becker/Getty Images

Images via kimkardashian/Instagram

Image via David Becker/Getty Images

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