Hank Baskett Reports His 'Mistress' to FBI & Basically Admits He Cheated

Kendra WilkinsonAll along, Hank Baskett has been denying to Kendra Wilkinson that he hooked up with a transsexual model, but well, erm, maybe they did just, ya know, hang out a bit. TMZ reports that Baskett has now gone to the FBI to report model Ava Sabrina London -- who claims the pair had a sexual fling -- for secretly recording him as well as extorting money out of him. Which kind of confirms the whole thing happened, doesn't it, Hank?!


Hank's pals are now telling TMZ that he's finally admitted he "hung out" with the transsexual. Reportedly, he claims he met her and one of her friends in a grocery store and they invited him back to their apartment to smoke pot. How could any married man resist?

Hank apparently went to the apartment, and they began partying. Then somehow Ava took off her clothes (hey, that happens), but supposedly once Hank got a look at Ava's manhood, he called the whole thing off.

Good story, Hank. Are you selling the Brooklyn Bridge too?

So he goes from denying it all to denying, well, just a tiny portion of it. Also, apparently he would have gladly gone through with everything as long as Ava had turned out to be female?

Doubtful a man just suddenly decides to go back and party with two chicks he met in a grocery store unless he's done this kind of thing before. Also, if that is ALL that happened, then why the panic when Hank called Ava?

As for the FBI, hopefully they have more important things to do than muck around with this guy who made his own mess.

Will this prove to Kendra that it happened?


Image via kendra_wilkinson_baskett/Instagram


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