Ariana Grande Cancels New York City Concert Because She’s Scared of Ebola

New York City residents aren’t the only ones frightened by the Ebola threat after Dr. Craig Spencer recently became the first person diagnosed with the deadly virus in the city – Ariana Grande is also reportedly flipping out about it, and she doesn't even live there.

The singer was scheduled to perform at a charity event in the Big Apple this week, but bailed out at the last minute – and sources say her reason is because she’s scared of “catching Ebola.”


Grande was one of several celebs slated to sing at the nonprofit charity Pencils of Promise, which donates money to help children in Third-World countries receive an education. The Break Free singer was supposed to be a surprise musical guest and rumor has it she didn’t make it clear that she was going to be a no-show – until the moment before she was supposed to take the stage.

Even though the event’s organizers blamed a “scheduling conflict” for Grande’s absence, sources say she’s terrified to fly since the Ebola hysteria has struck.

The latest Ebola case involves Spencer, 33, who works for Doctors Without Borders and began experiencing Ebola symptoms a few days after returning to New York from Guinea. He reportedly went bowling and traveled on subways prior to coming down with a fever and being quarantined at a hospital in Manhattan.

Grande has not commented on either her cancellation or Ebola, so who knows if this is just a silly rumor or if there’s any truth behind it. But it’s kind of odd that she wasn’t scheduled to appear anywhere else that night and didn’t update her social media sites. There’s also talk that Grande has cancelled a trip to Spain because she is afraid of Ebola.

Do you think Ariana Grande cancelled because of Ebola? If so, is she overreacting?


Image via arianagrande/Instagram

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