Katy Perry's Boyfriend About to Have Baby with Another Woman

Katy PerryKaty Perry doesn't have the greatest man-picker in the world. She was divorced lickety-split from Russell Brand and on-off with notorious womanizer John Mayer for a couple of years before caling it off for good (we hope). But now here comes news that her latest boyfriend, DJ Diplo, is expecting a baby ... but not with Katy. His ex-girlfriend, Kathryn Lockhart, is about to have his second child.


The pair already have a 4-year-old son and rumor has it that Kathryn was "newly-pregnant" when she found out that Diplo was seeing Katy. It's unclear if the two were broken up when Katy and Dlplo started dating, but even if they were, obviously it hadn't been for long.

An insider told New York Daily News' Confidental:

She’s due in the next couple of weeks. Her friends recently had a baby shower for her. She and Wes [Diplo's real name] aren’t together, but he’s actively involved in [his son's] life.

In a 2012, Diplo gave an interview to Rolling Stone in which it sounds suspiciously like he and his baby mama have an open relationship. He also admitted she'd gotten pregnant accidentally the first time. Guess they weren't too concerned about making the same mistake twice.

While the same thing happened to Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady -- his ex, Bridget Moynahan, was pregnant when Gisele and Tom met -- and they seem pretty solid, I personally would run like hell from a guy who is willing to quickly move on from a woman who is carrying his child. If he's not willing to try and make that work, what are the chances he's going to try and make it work with you?

Katy always sounds like she's truly searching for real love, but she keeps picking some real winners. I hope we don't see her in a Tori Spelling-like reality show in a few years.


Image via katyperry/Instagram

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