Lindsay Lohan Has Changed in Most Incredible Way

lindsay lohanThere is something going on with Lindsay Lohan. And it's major. Majorly incredible. We don't have to talk about any of her past troubles (troubles, what troubles?) or the questionable lips or the rumblings that her big theatre debut in Speed-the-Plow isn't a smashing success. Despite it all (or maybe because of it), Lindsay seems to have become a thoughtful, sweet survivor of strife and discord. I think it's her failures that got her to the good place she's in now.


Can you imagine being a child star, all this fame and fortune thrust at you and trying to navigate it all when you have a dysfunctional family? No disrespect to the Lohans -- I think we are all a bit dysfunctional in our own ways. But it had to be hard for Lindsay, and I've always felt for her. Plus, Mean Girls was just ... literally ... so fetch.

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Sure she's had some mess-ups -- who hasn't? Her mess-ups, though, were in the public eye and most likely magnified by the press. Which is exactly why Speed-the-Plow not being a raging success is a good thing. Maybe a little slice of mediocrity is good for her ego, good for her to see that she doesn't have to be front and center all the time and that this is the next phase in being successful and happy. Which is exactly what she seems to be. Her Instagram feed seems thoughtful -- she has messages of strength (a meme that says "You are more than beautiful" and another quote "She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs without fear of the future"). She also featured an image of Malala with inspiring words. Sure there is this very photo (seen here), which some are questioning if she is in the nude, hair covering up what a G-rated eye shouldn't see, but look at any Kardashian (Kris Jenner included) to see things more revealing.

I think we all need to re-meet Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay isn't "back"; she has moved on from her old self, in a healthy way, in a live-and-learn kind of way. Low key LiLo is better than ever. 

What do you think? Has Lindsay changed?

Image via Lindsay Lohan/Instagram

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