Kaley Cuoco Admits the 'Love of Her Life' Isn't Husband Ryan Sweeting

Kaley CuocoKaley Cuoco-Sweeting and hubs Ryan Sweeting had a famously quick courtship before tying the knot -- they were only together about six months before she walked down the aisle in a frothy pink wedding dress and pledged her love until death departs them.

But Kaley has another love that precedes Ryan, and she has no intention of moving on from this guy. But it's OK, Ryan knows that Kaley's heart belongs in part to someone else, and he's on board with it.


On Thursday, the Big Bang Theory actress was being honored at the 2014 ASPCA Compassion Awards (along with Nikki Reed) where she dished to E! News about her number one love -- her pup Norman!

Kaley gushed about her pit bull mix and the special place he has in her heart. "Anyone that knows me knows Norman," she said, "and he is the love of my life. My husband knew that going in. He's No. 1 ... I love that guy so much!'"

Ha! Kaley is definitely an animal lover, and Norman is her favorite out of all her dogs and horses (yes, horses!). Her Instagram handle is even @normancook, and her account is filled with pics of her beloved pets.

At the event she also described how the couple's newest pooch, Ruby, came into their home. She was at shelter helping out, and fell in love with fluffy white little Ruby. That night, she told Ryan she had to go back and get her, and he said OK, because he obviously knows his girl and knew what she was about before he asked her to marry him. Is that sweet or what?

The dogs were even featured on his groom's cake on their New Years Eve wedding less than a year ago. The couple's dogs were sculpted in chocolate, and a tennis ball topped the cake. Of course, the ball could have more to do with Ryan's profession as a tennis player than with playing fetch, but hey -- let's go with it.

Do you have a love that comes before your spouse?


Image via Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

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