Tori Spelling's Birthday Gift to Dean Is Perfect for a Cheater

Tori SpellingTori Spelling might not be too happy with husband Dean these days, what with him cheating on her and all, but hey, that doesn't mean she won't still buy him gifts. With Deano's birthday coming up November 16, Tori has the perfect present -- and it's not a new set of steak knives. Though there is some cutting involved. It's a vasectomy!


Yes, last we heard Tori and Dean were so broke, the two couldn't afford the big V -- but that apparently has changed. Despite Tori constantly still complaining about her money woes, she knows what's important. And neutering Dean is definitely top priority!

A source told Star magazine that Tori plans on buying him the vasectomy for his birthday (aww) but not just because she doesn't want to get knocked up again -- she's got an even better reason that that.

It's because she doesn't want some other woman to end up with a little Deano or Deanette. Says the source:

At this point, she's more afraid that Dean will have another affair and get someone else pregnant!

Wow, what kind of marriage do you have when you not only want to buy your hubby a vasectomy, but you want to buy it for him because you're worried he'll knock up another broad!

Well, you can't blame Tori for being practical. She's said on the show that she is solely financially responsible for their family, which means if Dean does end up getting someone else pregnant, Tori could end up paying child support for it. Because who else is going to? Dean? Bwwhaa!

Meanwhile, Tori is in the hospital again. This time with bronchitis and sinusitis. Tori's health sure has been precarious since she married Dean. I wonder if she ever considers that it might be all the stress?

Feel better soon, Tori. And LOVE the birthday gift idea.

Do you think this is a nice gift?


Image via torianddean/Instagram

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