Kim Kardashian's Shocking Confession About North West Leaves Us Speechless

Kim Kardashian North West

Say what you will about her extravagant lifestyle and fairy tale existence, but it's clear that Kim Kardashian still appears to have her priorities straight as far as raising her daughter goes.

In a new interview with the London Standard's ES Magazine, Kim made a pretty shocking confession about Nori's future, to the point where I'm not sure whether to scratch my head in disbelief or deem Kim to be my new hero.

Would you believe that she says North West will be expected to get a job when she's older and will have to "work for what she wants"?


Um, seriously?!? For whatever reason, I just assumed that kid was set for life and would never have to lift a finger, you know, considering how loaded her parents are.

Oh come on, can't you totally see Kanye West insisting that there's no reason for Nori to rub elbows with regular people since she's practically royalty in his eyes?

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Kim also admitted that when she was a teenager, she worked in a clothing store to earn her cash and says her parents did not buy her "Dolce and Gabbana dresses and Prada shoes" (she was totally underprivileged). She expects North to pay for her own wardrobe too.

But somehow I just can't picture Kanye being cool with the idea of his little princess standing behind a cash register. I mean, maybe if she got a job at one of the DASH stores, he wouldn't object, but she's certainly not going to wind up at any run of the mill LA boutique.

Still, we have to give Kim props for at least trying to make sure Nori has a firm grip on reality as she grows up, especially given that she'll never know anything different than living her life in the spotlight. It will be very easy for her to become incredibly spoiled and entitled if Kim isn't careful, so instilling a good work ethic in her right from the start is definitely a great plan.

Do you really think Nori will wind up working for her money?


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