​Jennifer Lopez & Chelsea Clinton Are About to Get VERY Close

jennifer lopezImagine Jennifer Lopez in a house. Her own house. Jennifer Lopez waking up like regular people do and making coffee with her hair still a mess and wearing velour pants and a hoodie to match. Imagine her feeding her dog who had been begging for her to get out of bed. Picture J.Lo's kids all cute and snuggly with mommy on the couch watching some morning cartoons. That Jennifer Lopez is sort of just like the rest of us. And I say sort of because Jennifer Lopez is different because she is going to be living in a $22 million penthouse in NYC. What also sets her apart is that her neighbor is new mom Chelsea Clinton. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?


J.Lo and Chels are total opposites. How strange that they would be neighbors. How utterly delightful! I can see it now ... Jennifer running into Chelsea in the hall and the two smiling brightly at each other. They have some small talk and Chelsea tells Jennifer that she loves her song "I Luh Ya Papi" so much that she sent it to her dad. Cut to J.Lo's face realizing that Chelsea clearly didn't really listen to the lyrics, but she still smiles that big, bright J.Lo smile and then looks down and feels bad that she's wearing a blue dress. Never wear blue again, she thinks. Ever.

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Of course the chances of these two really seeing each other on the daily is super slim. But we can dream. Lopez's mansion within a mansion is 6,250 square feet and has its own gym and outdoor space overlooking Madison Square Park. But it's still nice to fantasize about the two bonding over motherhood and J.Lo suggesting doing a nanny share. Maybe Chelsea will offer up Hillary as a babysitter so the ladies could go out for dinner.

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Maybe just maybe Jennifer could teach Hil some dance moves, which she will then use during her campaign. Hilly From the Block? Maybe Hil can sing "I Luh Ya Papi"!

Oh to be rich and famous.

What do you think of Jennifer Lopez and Chelsea Clinton as neighbors?

Image via Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

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