Kendra Wilkinson Flies Into Scary Rage at Hank Baskett (VIDEO)

Kendra WilkinsonWow, do not get Kendra Wilkinson pissed off. That's the lesson that comes out of this latest clip of Kendra on Top. Kendra was clearly not in a good mood when husband Hank walked in the door -- well, would you be if you heard your husband cheated with a transsexual?


Kendra lets fly a stream of expletive-laced invective toward her husband about his supposed dalliance -- which Hank continues to deny, asking, "You are going to believe this person over me, and I have believed in you?"

But whatever proof she has that Hank cheated seems to have totally convinced her it's true -- because she does not let him off the hook. Check it out:

Woah. She told him what's what! So sad the way she says, "Do what my father did to me," as Hank walks out the door. Then she asks, "Who needs a man?"

Kendra has clearly been scarred by her non-relationship with her father. Poor Kendra. She thought she'd found a good man in Hank.

Later interviews show Kendra more willing to forgive Hank, but there's no trace of that in this scene!

Upsetting as this is, it's kind of nice to see a Hollywood woman who has been cheated on (supposedly) not taking any shit. Too many times it seems like the woman just kind of lets it slide.

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There's been a lot of talk that all of this is just being done for ratings, but seems pretty authentic to me, though you can tell by the look in Kendra's eyes that she's still not certain if Hank did it.

Hank should really just come clean already.

Was her reaction justified?


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