Jon Gosselin Gets Evicted But That's Not the Worst Part

Jon GosselinJon Gosselin's landlord has spoken out about his eviction -- say what you want about Star magazine, this all appears to be very true -- and what she has to say is staggering! Linda Eways, who owned the house Jon lived in located in Wernersville, Pennsylvania, says she paid a surprise visit to her semi-famous tenant after Jon was supposed to have totally moved out, and what she found totally shocked her. She says not only was the house trashed -- but Jon left something behind. Something no normal person could just casually leave behind ... a kitten!


Eways tells Star in an exclusive that the house was basically trashed -- filled with garbage and debris and that walls and doors had damage from Jon's dog.

While this is not classy, perhaps Jon was really pissed off at his eviction and left the house a mess. Not nice, but not horrific either. What is horrific is that within the garbage and debris, the landlord says she discovered a tiny kitten abandoned in the home.

Eways says she called Jon to ask about the kitten and he was totally casual about it, saying his ex-girlfriend Liz (the one he appeared on Couples Therapy with -- guess the therapy didn't help) had left the kitten there.

Um, so?!! Jon says the ex left in September, so if that is true, it's now November, which means Jon had been taking care of the kitten for two months -- you don't just leave an animal abandoned in a house!!

Eways says the sight of the poor kitten "broke [her] heart" so she decided to adopt it.

Wow, whatever sympathy I've had in the past for Jon, given that he's generally such a goober, has evaporated. Anyone who can abandon an animal like that, especially one so young, is just an unfeeling, uncaring person who deserves no sympathy whatsoever.

What would his kids think about what daddy supposedly did?

Star reached out to Jon and he claims what the landlord says "isn't completely true" but doesn't specify which parts aren't true.

What a douche. Kate must be so glad she's rid of this guy. Liz too!

Meanwhile, ex-wife Kate is having a yard sale -- she probably needs the cash. But with eight kids, I imagine she's got a lot of stuff that isn't being used anymore.

Kate says a portion of the profits from the sale will be donated to an animal rescue league. Animal rescue! Hear that, Jon? That's the league that rescues animals from people like you.

Team Kate.

Can you defend him now, Jon supporters??


Image via Anna Webber/Getty Images Entertainment

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