Pippa Middleton & Family Caught Flying Budget Airline Like a Bunch of Commoners (PHOTOS)

Middletons boarding EasyJet

Huh. You'd think that having a daughter/sister marry into the royal family would come with its fair share of perks and privileges, but based on photos of Pippa Middleton and her parents flying easyJet, a budget airline, from Scotland to London, it's clear that they're still just ... commoners.

No really, you're not hallucinating. That's Carole, Michael, and Pippa walking across the runway at Inverness airport, about to board a plane and ride cattle class with the rest of the regular folk.

Apparently they did shell out an extra $19 each for priority boarding, but hey, they probably just wanted to hop on board a little early in the hopes that the majority of their fellow passengers wouldn't notice them.


Here's another shot of them climbing the stairs to their waiting aircraft.

Middletons boarding EasyJet

Um, I wonder if Kate Middleton knew about this ahead of time? I mean, how embarrassing, right? Here she is, the Duchess of Cambridge, married to Prince William and flying around on private jets or, at the very least, riding in the comfort of the first class cabin, and her poor family is stuck roughing it on a budget airline. (Gah.)

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But while the Middletons do lead a very separate and different life than Kate, I'm sure situations like this serve as a reminder of exactly where she came from and possibly make her feel a little more ... normal?

Let's be honest, the whole princess thing has to be kind of a drag sometimes, especially when you're literally green with morning sickness yet are expected to look like a million bucks and smile pretty for the cameras.

I'm sure there are instances when she'd much rather be crammed into a row in economy class with her fam than tending to her royal duties, well, as long as there's no turbulence on the flight. Something tells me morning sickness and air sickness don't quite mix.

Are you impressed that the Middletons flew on a budget airline?


Images via SWNS/Splash News

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