Matthew McConaughey Reveals the Real Reason He Married Camila Alves

Like lots of heterosexual women in the good ole US of A, I am not immune to the charms of Matthew McConaughey. He's hot and talented. He seems so zen that we aren't certain he knows what planet he's on half of the time -- and I mean that as a compliment. He's the kind of guy who would totally take you on a date and then pour whisky at his house while telling you a 60-minute story in his irresistible Southern drawl about that time he discovered his dog was actually Buddha. You know he won't call you the next day, but not because he's cruel -- because he lost track of time while staring through his hand lens at all of the different colors on a housefly.

Face it: Matthew would be the most interesting and amusing boyfriend you've ever had, but to a girl looking to settle down -- a hot toxic mess.

It's not at all surprising to hear Matthew talk about marrying model Camila Alves -- though some of his comments about their union may make her roll her eyes.


Camila, who is gorgeous and elegant and fabulous, apparently found herself in a position a lot of frustrated women in long-term relationships can relate to: she was involved with a man who was taking his sweet time committing to her. Instead of sitting back and taking a "whatever happens happens" attitude -- can't you just hear Matthew saying that? -- the actor says his wife gave him an ultimatum: she told him to "either s**t or get off the pot."

Matthew, 44, says he wanted to "really want to" marry Camila and not feel like it was this thing he had to do. He also says he wants life with her to be more like an adventure and hints that marriage is too much a "destination" for his liking. And although Matthew, who shares three children with his 32-year-old wife, has some beautiful things to say about becoming a daddy and loving his role as a provider, marriage just wasn't a priority.

A lot of us have known men like Matthew and some of us have even dated them. As someone whose attitude has always been, if you don't want to get married, DON'T, I would be a little offended if I were Camila. No woman wants to feel like they pressured their man to commit -- we want to believe (whether true or not) that our soul mate was more than happy to give up his single days for us.

Then again, Matthew is just being honest here, and I wonder how many men can totally identify with him. He isn't saying he doesn't want to be married to Camila -- he's just admitting that it took a push from his more Type A partner to get him to realize this was a good move for them both. I think.

How do you feel about Matthew's comments about marriage?


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