Sean Lowe Reveals Ebola Patient Lives THIS Close to Him

Sean LoweWhoa. Sean Lowe revealed this week just how scarily close he's come to the Ebola outbreak in the US. The former Bachelor wrote on his blog that Nina Pham, the nurse currently recovering from Ebola, is his neighbor.

Pham was the first person in the states to contract the almost-always deadly disease, after treating Liberian national Thomas Eric Duncan at a Dallas hospital. Duncan died from the disease on October 8, but Pham seems to be on her way to recovery.


Even though Lowe didn't know Pham personally, just the fact that she lived a few streets away from him really hit him hard and made him question what it means to be a good person.

"Though I've been aware of Ebola for many years, I didn't really understand how quickly the disease can spread," he wrote. "Then, recently, it really hit home when I learned that the nurse who contracted Ebola -- Nina Pham -- actually lives a few streets over from me. Literally just a couple of blocks. I don't know her, but what an amazing person!"

Leave it to Sean to find something sweet to say about Ebola. Well, an Ebola patient, at least. "I think it's inspiring to see people of faith bravely going into dangerous situations, sacrificing themselves for other people," he added.

The post ended with encouragement to pray for Nina's full recovery, along with a show of support for the faithful who are willing to serve even when it puts their lives in danger.

"I join with all of Texas -- all of America! -- in praying for Nina. But I'm also thankful for people of faith who so value their fellow man that they are willing to lay down their lives. May we all be so courageous," he concluded.

Oh man, it's one thing to think about something scary like Ebola in the abstract, but to find out you're neighbors with one of its victims? That's something else entirely! I love that Sean had words of encouragement rather than straight up fear or panic.

Now someone please pass the hand sanitizer. No reason -- just because.

How would you react if you found out one of your neighbors was an Ebola patient?


Image via catherinegiudici/Instagram

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