Tori Spelling's Latest Meltdown Has Us Feeling Anything but Sympathetic (VIDEO)

Tori SpellingSometimes it's just so hard to feel sorry for Tori Spelling. Yeah, her husband cheated on her -- but she cheated on her husband. Yeah, she's broke. But she earns more than 99 percent of the population! That doesn't stop Tori from having a major pity party for herself in the new season of True Tori. In this clip, Tori has a major meltdown because she is living paycheck to paycheck -- and has no idea if she'll get work in the future.


Check it out:


Hmmmm. Sorry, but Tori, are we supposed to feel bad for you because you pay for four private schools? Seriously? Who told you to have four children?

And if you're so broke just supporting four, why are you having unprotected sex with your cheater husband -- which you must be doing because you tell Dean you might be pregnant.

Also, what the hell is Dean doing to contribute to the expenses? Over and over, Tori wails that she alone is responsible for so many people. What about Dean??? No one told Tori to marry a guy who was trying to make a living being an actor, one of the toughest things to make money doing.

Not to mention how Dean says they can adjust their lifestyle and Tori is all like, "Why should I????" Um, because that's what people DO when they can't afford their lifestyle, hello? But Tori is all, "Daddy wouldn't want this." Huh? Tori, your dad cut you out of his will. So obviously your lifestyle wasn't that important to him.

I like Tori; I think she's a hard worker. But jeez, girl, get over it. Get out of Malibu and see how the other half lives.


Image via Lifetime

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