Queen Elizabeth's Holiday Plans May Ruin Christmas for Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth Kate Middleton

Gah. If the fact that the poor dear has spent much of the past few weeks hunched over a toilet bowl isn't bad enough, apparently now she might have a bit of a tough time juggling her holiday plans.

According to a new report, Queen Elizabeth will not invite Kate Middleton's family to Sandringham for Christmas dinner. Kate will have to decide whether to celebrate with Prince William's family without her parents or ditch the royals altogether to remain at Anmer Hall with her crew.


Apparently the Queen is all sorts of annoyed that Wills and Kate have spent the past two Christmases with the Middletons. She's going to play the "in your face" card by snubbing Kate's parents and siblings even though they'll be right next door to her Sandringham home.

Of course, a "palace insider" talked to the Daily Mail and made it sound like the Queen has a perfectly good excuse to exclude the Middletons:

It is highly unlikely that Kate's family will be invited to the big Christmas lunch, or the famous Boxing Day shoot. Perhaps one day they will be invited to the big house for tea, but not for lunch or dinner, and not on Christmas Day. The Queen is fond of Kate and doesn't mean to exclude her family -- indeed she has broken many of the old rules for them in the past. But if all of her children and grandchildren's wives had their families to lunch, there wouldn't be enough room, even at Sandringham House's dining room.

Wait. Let me get this straight. She's the Queen, for crying out loud, and she doesn't have enough room to accommodate her grandson's wife's parents in her big old estate dining room?!? (Something doesn't quite add up here.)

While this very well may be nothing more than an ugly rumor trying to paint the royals as cold hearted and mean, something tells me if the Queen does exclude Kate's family, it's for a fairly common reason and has nothing to do with there being bad blood between them.

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Um, duh. How many couples do you know whose parents are all buddy-buddy and spend every single holiday together? Most people wind up switching off from year to year as opposed to getting the whole gang together, so maybe the Queen simply prefers to enjoy Christmas with a smaller group, which does not happen to include her in-laws.

Family gatherings are hard enough without bringing the extended bunch into the mix. Perhaps the Queen is actually doing Kate a favor by making it blatantly obvious that her parents have NO place at the royal holiday table. (Always a silver lining, people.)

Do you think Kate should be offended if her parents aren't invited to Sandringham?


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