Kim Kardashian's Skimpy Top Gives New Meaning to the Word 'Exposed'

Kim Kardashian

Huh. Apparently she's getting sick and tired of everyone making such a big fuss over her cleavage, because she clearly wants people to notice the other fabulous parts of her body.

Wait until you get a load of these photos of Kim Kardashian's backless top and denim shorts ensemble, which is just plain ... WHOA! I mean, pulling off a braless look is tough enough as it is when you're wearing a regular shirt, but the fact that her back is fully exposed in this thing clearly proves that she needs to quit obsessing over her diet. She doesn't have an inch to pinch back there, people!


And let's not forget to mention the shorts, er ... jorts?!? Um, they definitely do a decent job of showing off her booty, and let's be honest, it's pretty damn tough to make cut-offs look anywhere near glamorous.

But if anyone can turn jean shorts into a fashion statement, it's Kim, as the heels and revealing top give her a certain element of sexy that wouldn't quite be there if she'd paired her denim with a T-shirt and flip-flops. (Not that the majority of us would ever wear anything like this. But still.)

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However, given how exposed this top leaves her, it does beg one very important question. How in the hell did she manage to keep her girls in place and lifted and all that good stuff if she wasn't wearing a bra? She has to have some sort of secret hidden under that shirt, right?

What do you think of Kim's backless look?


Image via Clint Brewer/Splash News

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