Ryan Gosling Gets Great Parenting Advice from 'The Notebook' Costar

Ryan Gosling has been given some stellar parenting advice from one of his costars from The Notebook -- and, so that I don't break any hearts, let's get this out of the way-- no, it was not from Rachel McAdams. Sorry, guys!

Hottie James Marsden, who plays Noah's nemesis Lon in the iconic film, told his buddy just what to expect after he and Eva Mendes welcomed baby girl Esmeralda Amada last month -- and the reality is not as pretty as Ryan's pretty face, I'm afraid.


While giving an interview to Yahoo to promote his film, The Best of Me, Marsden, who has three children -- including a 2-year-old boy with model Rose Costa -- told Gosling he was about to "go through those sleep-deprived months where you don't know who you are or where you are, or what's happening." He then advised his 33-year-old former costar to "enjoy every second of it, I guess" AND revealed something about the star that is going to make you swoon.

In addition to being an amazing actor and one fine-looking man, Ryan is also a great musician. Because life is totally fair, I guess?! Marsden suggested Ryan use his musical ability -- he can sing and play guitar -- to sing little Esmeralda to sleep. Swoon!

Maybe you thought the cuteness ended there. Wrong! James also revealed that Ryan has a band called Dead Man's Bones AND sings with a children's choir.

He's like some heavenly angel sent to earth to show all women how good a guy can get. I, for one, am seriously itching to see Ryan and Eva with their new baby girl. Does he serenade her with his guitar? How cute does he look while giving her a bath and being splashed with water? Come on guys, gift us with a few photos already!

What do you think Ryan is like as a dad? Are you dying to see photos?


Image via Nielsen Barnard/Getty Images

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