Evan Rachel Wood Dating 'L Word' Star Katherine Moennig

evan rachel woodEvan Rachel Wood and husband Jamie Bell split up this summer after welcoming a baby boy just last year. The rumors flew that Wood was hooking up with Michelle Rodriguez because, well, Evan had to be hanging out with somebody and why not Michelle? Both women are bisexual so of course it makes total sense. (Sarcasm.) Now it's coming out that Evan and actress Katherine Moennig are dating. This is especially charming since Evan has gushed about how much she is a fan Moennig in the past.


kate moennigTwenty-seven-year-old Evan wrote on Twitter in February of last year that she spotted Moennig at a flea market but was too shy to say hello. This started a little exchange between the two where Moennig said how she is also a fan of Evan Rachel's. It was all very innocent and nice, the two tweeting about a shared love of TV shows (Deadliest Catch), but there was one tweet that stuck out. Evan wrote: "I had a dream @katemoennig and I were stuck in a cab together for hours during pride in NY. We just fell asleep though." To which, Kate simply replied, "ha!!"

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And now over a year later, they are a couple! They can look back at this early "flirting" and laugh. Very sweet part of their love story, don't you think?

Katherine as you may recall played Shane McCutcheon on The L Word. I loved that show! The 36-year-old is currently on the show Ray Donovan. She and Evan certainly make a gorgeous couple.

What do you think of Evan and Katherine as a couple?


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