Ariana Grande's Mom Advises Her to Post Trashy Comment Next to Sexy Selfie (PHOTO)

Ariana Grande is currently on tour in Europe while her boyfriend Big Sean is here in the U.S. The pop singer misses her man so much that she pulled a Kim Kardashian recently and posted a very sexy selfie on Instagram to remind him of what he was missing. Is she posing in bed? Yes. Is she giving him bedroom eyes? Yes. Did it work? Judging by the way he responded, “I miss that view. Get back here,” I would say – yes, definitely.

Did Ariana’s mom chime in with advice on what sexy caption she should use for this photo? Yes. Wait, what?!


It’s true. Apparently, Ariana – who has since removed the photo, reportedly because her mom may have advised her to do so – wasn’t sure what words could possibly do this photo justice …

… So she asked mom.

And Joan Grande did not flinch, by the sound of it. Instead, she reportedly told her daughter the perfect caption would be: “suck my a*s.”

Did you just read that again because you were sure you had read it wrong the first time? Okay, let me repeat what mom apparently said: “suck my a*s.”

Was mom joking? Did Ariana make up the entire thing? Or was she making a point to Ariana by providing her a caption that is supposed to be private – possibly the same way she feels this photo should be sent to Big Sean privately?

Or is she simply the most progressive and hip mother the world has ever seen? I, for one, would have NEVER asked my mom for sexy-time advice at Ariana’s age (or any age), nor would my mom have offered words that even come close to these. And just like that, Joan Grande has me wondering if my mom, whom I always considered to be pretty modern, is actually a prude.

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Ariana and Big Sean are absolutely adorable together and her photo is sexy, but sweet. But the real star of this show is Ariana’s mom.

What do you think about Ariana’s mom’s advice?


Image via arianagrande/Instagram


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