Kim Kardashian Vows to Give Up What She Loves Most

Kim Kardashian  It looks like girlfriend here is taking her last bite out of that chocolate éclair ... for good! Kim Kardashian has vowed to make some HUGE changes in her life, and this time around it’s starting with her body.

It’s a change, though, that I wouldn’t mind adopting in my own life, too. The only thing is that I doubt I have the will power to do so!


The reality television star recently complained about her sweet tooth on her Twitter account, hinting to fans that she wants to lose weight and get healthy fast. She wrote: 


Let me tell you, I can TOTALLY relate. You can put a plate of fries and a steak in front of me and I won't touch it, but make it a volcanic ice cream brownie and I'll start swimming in it with a spoon. I have the worst sweet tooth in the world, and each time I've tried giving it up in my diet, it just keeps coming back. We're talking about chocolate here, people. It's the ultimate endorphin in life!

But back to Kimmy Cakes -- I applaud her efforts in wanting to make some changes, but I don't think it'll happen. Kim has been a yo-yo dieter all her life, with her weight fluctuating up and down almost all the time. Plus, have you ever met a person who has been able to resist chocolate all their lives? Better yet, have you met anyone who has said that they hate chocolate? It's almost impossible. I'm willing to discuss the matter further if anyone wants to meet me at a Godiva shop for chocolate shakes (you know you want to!!!!).

Do you think Kim will be able to cut sugar out of her life?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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