Iggy Azalea Forgives Snoop Dogg After He Finally Does the Right Thing (VIDEO)

Credit where it's due, folks: Snoop Dogg did the right thing. After posting a super-mean photo on his Instagram of what he says singer Iggy Azalea looks like without makeup, he got slammed by the Australian rapper on Twitter for being an "ass." He also probably got a good talkin' to by several of his own people, who I'm sure had to remind him that there's a big difference between laughing with and laughing at another famous celeb who has a huge social media following and whose fans can make your life hell. 

But it's time to move past all of that negativity because both Snoop and Iggy have -- thanks to a video apology the rapper posted to his Instagram account.


The video apology that accompanied his message to Iggy makes his feelings crystal clear:

So, maybe he's not a poet -- it's the thought that counts here, right? Of course, it would have helped if Snoop hadn't reportedly called Iggy the "C" word before fellow rapper T.I. told him he was being a royal douche (my words, not his) and that he just needed to act like the 42-year-old man he is and say he was sorry for being a jerk.

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Iggy showed she has a ton of class because, instead of telling Snoop just what he could do with his apology, she tweeted:

And, just like that, a silly feud is over -- all thanks to the power of a simple apology.

Would you forgive Snoop if you were Iggy?


Image via thenewclassic/Instagram

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