Proof Janel & Val Are More Than 'Dancing With the Stars' Partners (PHOTOS)

janel and val dancing with the starsThere's just something about those Chmerkovskiy brothers -- Dancing With the Stars would lack a certain something without them. Shall we say, sex appeal of the male variety?! This is no disrespect to the other men on the show -- especially Derek Hough. But you have to admit that there is just something overwhelmingly smouldering about Maks and Val. It's no wonder why all their paired celebrities fall in love with them. Or so I wish to believe. With Maks off the show, Val has the role of heartthrob, and of course I think something more than just dancing is going on between him and Janel Parrish. There's a double date with Maks and Meryl to prove it!


Let's just forget about those two other guys at the table -- one is a dancer the other is their personal security. These two couples sure look cozy!


Family dinner. @iamvalc @meryledavis @janelparrish @hollywoodmerv @sergeonik

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And then there is this ...


Celebratory dinner with this Sportswoman Of The Year! @meryledavis

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It appears that Maks took Meryl out to celebrate her Sportswoman of the Year honor (congrats!), and he invited his brother and his brother's lady love along, too. Meaning Val and Janel. Because it has to be so! I don't care that the two of them took a lie detector test and the only thing revealed is that they have gone out to dinner together -- this must be dinner number two. Things are heating up.

All of this makes me think that if Val and Janel keep this up, their chances of winning like Maks and Meryl get bigger. Hmmm ... not a bad strategy. Maybe they are faking all this love/not love to pull at the ole heartstrings. Nah. No way they can fake that chemistry.

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We're going to have to take a wait and see with this one. Just like we are doing with Maks and Meryl who keep proving to us that something -- we have no idea exactly what -- is going on between them.

Do you think Val and Janel are falling for each other? What about Maks and Meryl -- something going on there?


Image via Janel Parrish/Instagram

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