Dane Cook Reveals the Dumbest Thing Jessica Simpson Said -- & Yep, It's Dumb (VIDEO)

Dane CookThey say you shouldn't kiss and tell, but comedian Dane Cook was in a telling mood on Watch What Happens Live. He not only revealed that his worst movie kiss was with Kate Hudson ("I think she purposely ate just like a feast of onions before our scene"), but that Jessica Simpson might be even dumber than she came across in The Newlyweds. You won't believe what Dane claims she said on the set of a movie.


Dane once starred with Jessica in a movie I feel fairly confident saying no one saw called Employee of the Month.

"What was the dumbest thing you heard her say on set?" Andy Cohen mischievously asks.

Dane appears to have to consider deeply for a moment -- was there that many things, Dane? -- but then something comes to mind. Dang, this movie was so long ago. And yet whatever Jessica said was so memorable, it makes him burst out laughing and his face turns red. Then he spills it.

And, wow, it does not disappoint. According to Dane, Jessica cluelessly asked:

Are we making a movie?

Come again?!

This rivals the time Jessica thought that tuna fish was chicken. (In her defense, I don't understand that slogan either.) Or that time she said, "23 is old. It's almost 25, which is like almost mid-20s." Huh?

Yeah, this one is dumber.

Hmmm. Maybe she was joking around? Playing up her dumb blonde image? Well, let's hope so.

Jessica has somehow managed to get millions of people to buy items from her clothing line and make her filthy rich, so obviously she is quite brilliant.

Let's just assume in this case she was momentarily dazed by Dane's douchebaggery and forgot what she was doing.

Do you think she really said this?

Image via Bravo

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