21 Stars You'd Never Guess Are the Same Age

Michele Zipp | Oct 21, 2014 Celebrities

jennifer lawrence

Ever meet someone the same age as you and think, Wow, really? Either that person seems really young, making you feel like you've screwed something up in your life so far, or that person seems older than you, giving you some strange boost of confidence. Same thing with celebrities -- it's quite fascinating to see who was born in the same year and yet they seem like worlds apart. Like Jennifer Lawrence, born in 1990, the same year some readers graduated high school, who is the same age as ... wow, really? Check it out and more stars who are shockingly the same age.

Image via Johns PKI/Splash News

  • Iggy Azalea


    It's hard to believe but rapper Iggy Azalea is the same age as Jennifer Lawrence. These ladies are 24 years old. Can you picture Iggy dating Chris Martin or battling with Gwyneth over food choices? Or better yet, JLaw rapping onstage? Okay, that I can imagine. I bet Jennifer has a hidden rapper talent.

  • Michelle Duggar


    Born in 1966, Michelle Duggar is a mom to 19 kids and a grandmother to 2. At 47 and with all those kids, Michelle seems very youthful -- perhaps it's because of all those kids. Still, it's wild to think she is the same age as ....

  • Halle Berry


    Halle Berry and Michelle Duggar were born in the same year, just one month apart. They both like having babies "later in life" as Halle had baby number two in 2013 at 47 years old. Michelle, however, has already birthed 19.

  • Courtney Stodden


    Supposedly back together with her 54-year-old ex Doug Hutchison (though they never officially divorced), 20-year-old Courtney Stodden finally left those teen years behind. This is just hard to believe. And it's incredible to think that she is the same age as ....

  • Dakota Fanning


    Sweet, innocent-looking Dakota Fanning looks 20 -- and she is. If you put her and Stodden together, it's almost like a before and after. Stay young, Dakota. Shockingly, this guy is the same age as Stodden and Fanning ....

  • Justin Bieber


    Is it weird that Stodden might look old enough to be Bieber's mom? And Dakota could be his little sis. But nope, they are all born in 1994. Justin's tattoos still don't make him look tough and older. He still has that baby face that screams "I still can't buy beer!"

  • Taylor Swift


    She never misses a beat and she's lightning on her feet, she's Taylor Swift, she loves boys, Lena Dunham, and being 24 (on the verge of 25). And no matter how many boyfriends she's had, Taylor is still sugary sweet VERY unlike this rapper who is the same age ....

  • Chris Brown


    I know. I know. It seems impossible that Chris Brown and Taylor Swift are the same age. Let's chalk up the difference to the fact that he's seven months older.

  • Selena Gomez


    While Justin Bieber is busy being just 20 years old, his girlfriend Selena Gomez is 22! Whoa! I didn't realize the Biebs had a thing for older women. You know who else is 22?

  • Kate Upton


    Twenty-two-year-old Kate Upton just seems a bit older than Selena. Maybe it's dating a younger guy that allows Gomez to appear younger. Courtney Stodden should take note.

  • Angelina Jolie


    Angelina Jolie makes being 39 years old look amazing -- she makes everything look more amazing, including Brad Pitt. There's something about her that's worldly yet youthful. She's sophisticated yet wild. Speaking of wild, did you know that this celeb is the same age as Angie?

  • Tara Reid


    About to turn 39 is Tara Reid who simultaneously seems both younger and older than Angelina. Maybe it's the fake tan? The bad choices in plastic surgery?

  • Jessica Simpson


    Prepare to have your mind blown. Jessica Simpson, mom of two and doting wife, is 34 years old. Wasn't she 20 about two minutes ago? (I must be getting old.) Simpson is the same age as this supermodel ....

  • Gisele Bundchen


    Jessica and Gisele Bundchen are both 34 years old. Doesn't Jess seem younger than Gisele? Could you imagine Gisele and Jessica in the same grade in high school? Would they hang out? And would they be friends with this reality star who is also the same age?

  • Kim Kardashian


    Also in the born in 1980 club is Kim Kardashian. Imagine Kim, Gisele, and Jessica all sitting at the lunch table Mean Girls style ogling at their fellow classmate in the class of 1980 ... none other than ....

  • Ryan Gosling


    New dad Ryan Gosling is the same age as Kim, Gisele, and Jessica. Born in 1980, Ryan likes older ladies. His love Eva Mendes is 40, born in 1974.

  • Demi Moore


    Demi Moore might be one of those stars that will always look young and fabulous. On November 11, Demi will turn 52. Wow! Stunning. Though her birthday pal isn't aging as well ....

  • Tom Cruise


    Tom Cruise and Demi Moore are the same age and born in 1962. At 52 though, Tom seems older than Demi. Both like to marry people much younger than they are. Interestingly both their exes -- Ashton Kutcher and Katie Holmes -- were born in 1978.

  • Gwen Stefani


    I'm a bit surprised that Gwen Stefani is already 45 years old. I wouldn't think she's a day over 35. She's a whole 10 years older than her co-star on The Voice Adam Levine. But she is the same age as this celeb who married someone who is now 70 years old.

  • Catherine Zeta Jones


    Wow! Catherine Zeta Jones and Gwen Stefani are the same age, both born in 1969. Catherine seems older and more mature, which may be a result of marrying Michael Douglas, who is now 70.