Kim Kardashian & Khloe Kardashian's Relationship Might Be Over for Good

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Oh man. There have been plenty of rumors in the past indicating that their sisterly relationship is less than perfect, but according to a new report in Life & Style, Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian's feud is worse than ever.

Though it's kind of hard to believe, supposedly the pair went a period of six weeks without speaking to each other, mainly because Khloe thinks Kim is an egotistical ... you know what.


An insider claims, "Khloe feels like lately the whole world has to revolve around Kim and she's sick of it. She honestly doesn't like who Kim has become as a person. And she thinks it's all because of Kanye."

Oh, but apparently their little tiff doesn't stem solely from Khloe's annoyance of Kim. The source also adds that Kim is totally over the drama surrounding Khloe's marriage to Lamar. He/she says, "Kim told her she shouldn't have married him in the first place. With Lamar still reaching out to her, that was like being stabbed to Khloe." (Aww.)

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Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. Whatever tension they're feeling will blow over in no time and they'll hug it out and do the ugly cry and everything will be right with the world again. But surprisingly enough, the source insists their relationship might be on the brink of being over for good, to the point where their "problems don't seem fixable."

OMG. I hate to say it, but for some reason, this rumor doesn't seem impossible to believe to me. Remember recently when Kim was accused of throwing shade at Khloe by making fun of people who post quotes on Instagram? Sure, she insisted she wasn't referring to her sis, but it sure sounded like her comment was directed at someone in particular.

And it doesn't seem like the two of them have been spending much time around each other in recent weeks. It's definitely possible that they're avoiding each other at all costs on purpose and simply putting on happy faces when they are forced to come together for business reasons.

While it's normal for siblings to disagree from time to time, let's just hope Kim and Khloe can see past all the bullsh** and focus on what's really important. It will be such a shame if they let these trivial differences come between them, and they'll certainly regret it down the road if they can't manage to patch things up. After all, you only get one family in life whether you like it or not, and it's definitely not worth throwing away over a couple of men who probably won't be in either of their lives permanently.

Do you think Kim and Khloe's feud is for real?


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