Kate Gosselin Must Be Shaking Her Head as Jon Is Evicted From Home

Jon GosselinSince Jon and Kate Gosselin ended their reality show and their marriage, neither one has exactly shot to great success. Kate, however, seems to be doing pretty well. She's got a couple of new reality specials in the hopper; she's had a few blogging jobs; she's keeping her head above water; and hey, she can still afford a bodyguard! She also supports eight kids. Jon, however, seems to have sunk directly to the bottom of the sea of life. He reportedly lost the waiter job he had because he was "blowing off shifts and coming in late." Perhaps he thought his "fame" would save him. Now, it seems Jon may have been evicted from his woodsy Pennsylvania property. That's the place where he shot a warning shot at a reporter, 'memba?


A source told Star magazine that Jon has been bouncing checks left and right and hasn't paid his rent in four months. The source tattles:

Jon didn’t understand the terms of the contract and broke the lease, thinking he could just rent the property after agreeing to the rent-to-own contractual agreement.

Not only was Jon reportedly not coughing up his rent, but apparently he was all, "Do you know who I am?" about it. (Jon, not even Reese Witherspoon gets away with that.) The source says:

He acted like he had all this money. The owners tried to work with him, and he'd get cocky and claim he could easily pay for the [$299,000] house in cash.

Hm, well, if he has hundreds of thousands of dollars on him, why isn't he paying child support? Because Jon long ago gave up the rights to cash in on his kids' fame in exchange for not paying child support.

Jon still has the occasional paying gig, like the one he had on Couples Therapy. But seriously, why doesn't Jon go back to his old career? Wasn't he in IT or consulting or something?

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Weird to think that at one point, Jon was rolling in cash and women. How quickly things can change!

For the sake of the kids, I hope he gets it together. If he has nowhere to live, where will they visit him? No kid wants to see a parent homeless.

And somehow I doubt Kate is going to offer her couch.

Do you think Jon got "too cocky"?


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