Kourtney Kardashian Slams Sister Kim's Parenting Style

The Kardashian Sisters

Mama drama alert! Kourtney Kardashian is slamming her sister Kim’s parenting style, and we don’t blame her one bit for what she has to say.

Kourtney allegedly thinks Kim is being very selfish as a parent by making her daughter North West do adult things with her mother, and we couldn’t agree with her more. 


According to In Touch Weekly, Kourtney has been shading her sister behind her back for the way she’s raising 16-month-old Nori. Kourt thinks her sister needs to spend a few good hours at Chuck E. Cheese's or Disneyland with her daughter rather than dragging her to Uncle Riccardo Tisci’s house or Anna Wintour’s office in London, which I’m sure Nori has no interest in whatsoever. A source close to the Kardashians says:

They have opposite parenting styles. Kourtney is very hands-on and all about doing kid things with her kids, not adult things. She thinks Kim parading North around is terrible. Kourtney would never bring her kid into a paparazzi storm like Paris Fashion Week or sit front row at a fashion show with her kids.

Now, while everyone knows that no mother is perfect -- Kourtney included -- I will say that she does a much better job of keeping her children out of the paparazzi spotlight. She also does a better job of giving her children the childhood they need by taking them to the park, doing kid-friendly activities with them, and trying to make their lives as normal as possible. Taking your child to Paris Fashion Week is NOT normal under any circumstances.

Plus, Kim is doing what everyone feared she would do, and that’s treating North as a fashion accessory. She’s a child, not a doll for crying out loud. Take her out of those designer duds, put her in some clearance clothes from Target, and let her play in the sand at the park. North is going to end up being a miserable child if Kim doesn’t soon realize that her selfish ways are hurting her daughter in more ways than one.

Do you think Kim is doing a bad job as a mother?

Image via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

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