Surefire Signs Teresa & Joe Giudice Are Headed Toward Divorce

teresa and joe giudice

It looks like the problems that Teresa and Joe Giudice face go well beyond those well publicized legal woes. Just two weeks ago they were sentenced to 15 months and 41 months in jail respectively. Though their freedom isn't the only casualty. Sources claim that the couple may be headed for divorce.


In public, they put up a united front, always holding hands and appearing supportive of one another. Behind closed doors, however, it was a completely different story. They reportedly started sleeping in separate bedrooms as Joe's drinking has escalated.

"It's really sad," a source told "Most nights Joe stays downstairs long after Teresa and the girls have gone to bed. He usually drinks a lot of wine and ends up passing out on the couch."

Apparently, when this first began happening, Teresa asked him to be sure to make it upstairs before the girls woke up in the morning. But now, "he just doesn't even care what Teresa wants," adds the insider. “He is beyond pretending that everything is fine behind closed doors. His feeling is, it’s his house for the time being, and will sleep wherever he wants.” That, of course, isn't sitting well with Teresa, who the source claims will file for divorce the moment Joe gets out of prison. "She would do it sooner but it would make it very difficult for her to arrange visits with their kids while she is in prison," the source added.

It's a shame that a couple who once seemed so tight has devolved into this. It must be especially painful to Teresa that in their last few weeks of freedom, her husband allegedly cares more about getting drunk alone than sharing a bed with her. Though this isn't the first sign of trouble for the Giudices. A few seasons ago on Real Housewives of New Jersey, it appeared as though Joe was cheating. Now, this could have been clever editing, but during a group vacation, he wandered off to have a private conversation with what we all presumed was another woman. As Teresa headed his way, he told the caller, "Here comes my bitch wife." 

That said, clearly their current marriage troubles have little to do with infidelity. Marriages often crumble under major strain and their crimes (and pending punishments) have taken a great emotional toll on them both. So this divorce talk isn’t such a surprise. But instead of making an emotionally charged decision right now, it would probably be better for them to stay together for a while after they are both done serving their sentences. Then they can see how they feel about each other once they are both free again.

Do you think Teresa should divorce Joe when he gets out of prison?


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