Scott Disick's Hard-Partying Actually Makes Him a Smart & Considerate Parent

Scott Disick

I know that the notion sounds crazy ... but it might work. There’s a good chance that Scott Disick is partying like a frat boy high on life so he can get it out of his system for his family and be a better father.

Hey, anything is possible, right?


According to Hollywood Life, Scott recently went on another drinking bender with Bruce and Brody Jenner in Sin City, where he partied until 3 in the morning. His baby mama Kourtney Kardashian doesn't seem to be too upset about it, so I'm guessing that he's getting his partying out of the way before she gives birth to the couple's third child in a few short weeks. A source said:

He’s not sober, he’s drinking, and he acts like he’s a college kid. He doesn’t act like a guy who is about to have his third child.

With that being said, something’s gotta give. Scott doesn’t look like a stupid guy, and from what we can tell, he seems very dedicated to his children, Mason and Penelope. Some people just cope with their issues in different ways, and I want to give him the benefit of the doubt by saying that he’s getting all of this partying out of his system for his family. Judge all you want, but a lot of us have been in his shoes, and for some, it just takes them longer than others. I know that I am happy to have partied like there was no tomorrow while in college. And because of that, I feel no desire to hit up any clubs or drink the night away anymore now that I'm a parent.

Plus, if things were THAT bad, I highly doubt Kourtney would be hanging on to Scott for this long. While the majority of her family members have gone through a handful of divorces, Kourtney and Scott seem to still be going strong, despite the fact that they have never gotten married. There is a glue keeping these two together, and I’m sure it’s more than just their kids. He's probably not as bad as some people are portraying him to be.

Do you think Scott is getting all of his partying out of the way in order to become a better father?

Image via Scott Disick/Instagram

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