'Dancing With the Stars' Recap: Switch Up Makes for Big Time Jealousy & Awkwardness

dancing with the stars

The week that the stars have probably been dreading since the beginning has arrived -- it's the Dancing With the Stars Switch Up! It can bring out the nerves just like Michael Waltrip's fake moustache did. Oh my goodness, did you take that hairy lip in?! It made that age gap between him and Whitney seem even larger. He was the creepy porn director and she was Roller Girl.

Chock-full of uncomfortable moments, weird scores, and awkward everything, DWTS also delivered some awesome moments. But just a few.


The Switch Up paired:

Alfonso and Cheryl

Antonio and Allison

Bethany and Mark

Janel and Artem

Jonathan and Peta

Lea and Val

Michael and Whitney

Sadie and Derek

Tommy and Emma

We had both the pros and the stars saying how they felt weird to dance with another person, and some felt it weird to see their partner dance with someone else. Hearts were breaking. Jealously in full effect. Now this is just dancing we're talking about right? Right. Oh the tangled dancing web that's weaved.

Jessie J. was the guest judge since Len was out again, and we also were introduced to some new dances including the Mambo, Bollywood, and Burlesque. Things got interesting. My head is still spinning.

Antonio was with Cheryl (the most pro of all) and now he was paired with Allison, the new girl. (LOVE her.) They danced to Bollywood and OH MY GOODNESS that was fantastic. Seeing Antonio up in the air was a thrill -- never expected it. The judges didn't seem to like it except for Carrie Ann Inaba who thought it was some of Antonio's best dancing. I typically never agree with her, but this week I did. It ruled.

Mark and Bethany were great -- no surprise there. Of course they were great. She's terrific and he and Derek, her usual partner, are best friends.

Watching Jonathan and Peta, however, was dreadful. I adore Peta and Jonathan but things didn't work out well for them. It was like watching a regular guy have sex with a porn star, my man said. Spot on. The judges were harsh, and if you were watching Peta, you would have seen her mouth the word "sh*t" when given the scores. Yikes.

Tommy was just fine with Emma, but he is much better with Peta. Same thing with Michael and Whitney.

Cheryl showed Alfonso what it's like to dance with a fiery woman -- no diss to his regular 20-year-old partner Whitney (or his wife). It was HOT. And speaking of hot ... is something going on between Janel and Val?! They say no but come on. She was on the show Pretty Little Liars.

How awesome was Derek Hough? Straight 9s with Sadie. That Charleston was off the hook.

Val was very unhappy when seeing how close Janel and Artem got, and so Val decided he was going to make out with Lea during the dance. He turned on the charm and the love and then BOOM! Dance time. Lea was dressed as a sexy nurse. We got some happy feet and one disappointing kiss, some walkers come out (not zombies, the old folk thing), and I was so disappointed. Couldn't they make Janel really jealous?!

I'm thinking Jonathan is going home next week.

What did you think of this episode? Who was your favorite?


Image via Dancing With the Stars/Instagram

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